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Monday, July 28, 2008

E-Commerce and E-business – What is the Difference?

E-Commerce and E-business – What is the Difference?
By Idrees Ahmed

The term e-commerce and e-business may sound same but technically they are different. Many people assume that ecommerce and ebusiness are same. Read the following to clear the misconception

In both the cases the letter ‘e’ indicates electronic which includes internet and EDI (electronic data interchange) to improve business processes.

Ecommerce is narrower than ebusiness. It is a subset of ebusiness. Whereas Ebusiness is very broader, it refers to using of the internet technologies to conduct business which in return provides the great impact in the overall business process.

Ecommerce refers to the using of internet for Online Shopping i.e. to buy a product or service. For Example: Ecommerce occurs when a customer orders a ticket or book or gifts or any tangible or intangible product through internet. It occurs when an organization or individual pay money to another organization or individual via internet.

The term Ebusiness is covers all the areas of business. Ebusiness occurs when a company or individual communicate with their clients or customers or suppliers through email. Marketing done through Internet, Sell Products or Services through internet, Use internet to conduct market research, use internet to hire people, use internet for product or service promotion etc.

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