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Monday, July 28, 2008

Online Wealth Success - Live the Life You Deserve Everyday

Online Wealth Success - Live the Life You Deserve Everyday
By Howard Kotliar

We all want it. An incredible life that we enjoy waking up for. Getting out of bed each and every morning feeling like it is a weekend. WOW - what a feeling that would be.

My friend, I have good news and I have bad news. The bad news is unfortunately, all to many of us do not think this is possible. The good news - no the GREAT news is, it is absolutely possible! If we follow a simple recipe of success, we can all live everyday like it is a weekend!

Here is an easy Recipe For Success that has worked for hundreds, no thousands, of people who thought they could not have true success.

1. Remember, the past does not equal the future! If you are 19, 49 or 99 and have not been successful up to this point in your life it doesn't matter. You can and will be successful going forward.

2. Be open to new possibilities. Say "yes" sometimes instead of "no" all the time.

3. Explore and find out who you really are. Write down who you admire then look at why you admire them. These same traits you admire about them are in you! This is a good start.

4. Write down what you think your true desires are - to be, to do and to have. You will be surprised at your answers when you just let it flow from your pen instead of your mind.

5. Contrast really works! Close your eyes and think about what you really want in life from #4. When you have a clear picture in your mind think about never ever getting it. Feel your disappointment and feel your pain in not getting what you want in life. Let that pain sit with you for a minute. Next, take a deep breath and clear your mind. Now, think about really getting what you do want in your life right now and living it today! Feel your excitement, feel your joy and feel your happiness! Take these powerful positive feelings with you and get what you want NOW!

6. If goal setting doesn't work for you forget it! Use targets instead. If we do not accomplish a goal we feel like failures. If we miss a target, like in horseshoes or golf, it only makes us want to try harder and we do! Plus, if you come close to a target you can still feel success.

The answer to success is simple. We make it more complicated than it really is. Success is a choice. Simply say "Yes" to success, use the above lessons and choose to live life to the fullest everyday and you will.

Howard Kotliar is an industry leader in Online Home Business. He specializes in helping ordinary people achieve Extraordinary Incomes and live the life of their dreams in their own successful Home Based business. You can visit his website at

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