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Monday, July 28, 2008

Starting an Online Store - 3 Turbo Charged Strategies to Creating a Cash Rich Business

Starting an Online Store - 3 Turbo Charged Strategies to Creating a Cash Rich Business
By Fabian Tan Platinum Quality Author

There is no true strategy as to how one can really sell products in the market, offline or online, most stores will always have their up and downsides no matter how much they claim themselves to be the best. One of the many things that potentially separate a good online merchant from its competitors, however, is a clear definition of service and standardized service. Here are a couple of generic positioning strategies on the online market that you might decide to try:

1. Be a cost leader. Stand out by offering the lowest prices possible without necessarily compromising service quality. Try to offer generic products that don't posses any unnecessary characteristics that would make them more expensive. Give discounts or offer occasional promos on your products. Although you get little profit in the general number of cases, but the goal here is to allow buyers to get what they basically need at low payments that are surely given to you.

2. Be different. Never take ideas from other companies, not only will it make your store look bad but you will also divide your consumer base with all the other companies that offer the exact same service or products as yours. Let the products follow a cut-off standard that will make them possess qualities that are absent in other products. The good thing about this is when you have exclusive qualities to a product you get the justification to increase prices - and profits - a bit.

3. Be a role player. This is also a strategy for uniqueness, except that this one does not call for originality but rather focus. Try to think of the different aspects of a specific consumer's needs and offer to satisfy that specific need in the best way possible. Focus on improving and becoming the best in terms of quality and affordability in that aspect so that all consumers who prioritize that aspect will definitely go to you.

The key goal in positioning is to ensure that you become an established avenue to answer to certain types of needs. Positioning ascertains prospected consumers that your establishment or e-store will always promise satisfaction in specific types of needs by focusing on what individual services that you can surely offer rather than promise everything and end up compromising quality because of being spread too thinly.

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