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Friday, August 1, 2008

How to Get on the Internet Making Money Fast

How to Get on the Internet Making Money Fast
By Fernando Morales

Do you dream of being able to walk into your boss's office one day in the near future and telling him you're leaving? If you've got a thriving business on the internet making money you'll be able to do just that.

Most people on the internet making money have learned to serve the online public what it wants. Relevant information now. How can you take advantage of this incredible phenomena? Build direct marketing websites.

What is a direct marketing website? It is a simple one or two page website that consists of a sales letter and thank you page. An ongoing debate has been around content verses product pitch. If you take into consideration the nature of the average surfer, they get online to find the answer to a problem. You can provide the content they're looking for and hope that they will click on a link to one of the products on your site or ...

Build a direct marketing website that simply answers the question in the form of a sales letter leading to a product that will solve the problem. Which sounds better to you? Some of the most profitable websites on the internet making money are simply sales letters that address a problem, state a solution and offer a product to make it happen.

When you look at it in that context making money on the internet doesn't seem so complicated. Of course there are some blanks that need to be filled in, but the overall gist of it is incredibly simple.

Find a market that's desperately looking to solve a problem, identify the ideal solution and offer the product to make it happen. It's a win-win situation. The surfer solves the problem and you get paid for your assistance.

If you can avoid the one mistake many marketers make when building direct marketing websites, you can start a business on the internet making money right away.

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